Bali’s Stake in Kidney

Bali’s Sanglah Hospital Has Become Center for Regional Kindney Transplant Operations

In continuing efforts to realize plans to establish Bali as a regional medical center, Sanglah General Hospital has performed 10 kidney transplants since 2016. As reported by, hospital officials say the results for both donor and organ recipients have been excellent.

While past kidney transplants have been limited to organs exchange among family members, in the future, doctors plan to start undertaking transplants from non-family donors.

Wayan Eka Surnaya (43) was the second kidney transplant patient handled at Sanglah General Hospital in early 2017. His wife, Ken Wirianti (43), relates how in the four years prior to undergoing transplant surgery her husband underwent hemodyalisis treatment 3-4 times a week. The treatments took several hours to complete, were financially crippling, and would leave Surnaya exhausted and in need of another treatment only 3 days later.

Wirianti was thankful that her husband was able to undergo a kidney transplant in early 2017 using a kidney donated by her husband’s 58-year-old mother. In just two weeks after the transplant, her husband was abkle to resume a normal life and no longer needed hemodyalisis treatment.

The cost of the kidney transplantation is covered under the government BPJS insurance program.

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