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Bombs Are Not a Joking Matter

AirAsia Passenger on Flight to Bali ‘Joked’ About Carrying a Bomb. Nobody Laughed and the Passenger Missed his Flight.

An AirAsia Passenger preparing to board a flight to Bali from Yogyakarta’s Adisucipto Airport was taken into custody by security personnel when he joked with that he was carrying a bomb.

Agus Pandu Purnama, the general manager of PT Angkasa Pura I -the Airport Management Company at the Airport said on Friday, December 6, 2019: “Indeed, there was a joke regarding a bomb. It happened at 8:15 am.”

As reported by Kompas.com, the passenger identified only with the initials TH was booked to travel on AirAsia QZ-8441 departing for Bali.

Shortly after the plane closed its doors and was preparing for pushback, a member of the crew and a passenger heard TH mention a bomb. The crew member advised the pilot of the situation who returned the airplane to the terminal to permit a complete re-inspection of the passengers and all their luggage. This required all passengers to disembark and submit to another security screening while all their luggage was also taken off the plane to be scrutinized by x-ray and other methods.

Even closer scrutiny awaited TH who was taken into custody by Aviation Security personnel to submit to interrogation and a thorough luggage and personal body inspection. The man explained that he was “only joking” in an effort to frighten the stewardess.

Once all inspections were completed, the flight departed later than scheduled at 8:45 am. However, TH was denied boarding on the flight causing him and a traveling companion to miss their flight.

Security staff explained to TH that he had violated a law on airline safety, a mistake punishable by up to a year in prison. He was required to sign a formal statement admitting his “hoax” and promising to never repeat such actions in the future.

AirAsia elected not to immediately escalate the case. And, while the case was not handed to the police, the report including TH's written confession will be forwarded to investigators (PPNS) who can, at their option, bring formal charges against the man.

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