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Brother, Can You Spare me a Rupiah?

Police Efforts to Remove Beggars from Streets of Ubud Frustrated

NusaBali reports that police in Ubud undertook a sweep on Saturday, September 29, 2018, taking into custody a large number of women and children from Karangasem Regency who work as street beggars.

The women and children stayed overnight in the offices of local enforecement officers before being forcibly returned to Karangasem on the following day, Sunday, September 30, 2018.

The Karangasem beggars form a regular sight on the streets of Ubud. Efforts to return them to their home village are unsuccessful with the “professional” beggars returning to continue begging on the streets of Ubud in only a day’s time.

The beggars, who target foreign tourists visiting Ubud, are the source of many complaints from tourists who are disturbed while dining in restaurants or walking on streets where they are confronted by women and children with outstretched hands asking for money.

When Ubud enforcement agency (Satpol PP) officers attempt to round the beggars up and return them to the East Bali villages, they often encounter open resistance from the woman and children who view begging as their professional right. Officials who drive the beggars back to their home village, also lament that the very people they apprehended just hours before have returned to Ubud and are begging again on the streets of Ubud even before the enforcement officers have managed to arrive back in Ubud.

(Image from Nusa Bali)

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