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Bullies Evade Being Called to Answer for Illegally Closing Hotel Entrance

Over-zealous Local Villages Stage Protest and Close Entrance Stage of Apurva Kempinski Resort Only to Discover Demands Already Met by Hotel.

Residents from the traditional village of Peminge in Sawangan, South Bali blockaded the entrance to the Apurva Kempinski Resort on Friday, November 30, 2018.

Numbering in the tens, the protestors arrived at 10:00 am bringing trucks filled with limestone and chalk, offloading the contents of one of the trucks to block the hotel’s entrance. As reported by Balipost.com, the local residents were registering their unhappiness with the recruitment process for the soon-to-be-opened 5-star hotel that they felt failed to include a satisfactory number of workers drawn from the local community.

A short time after the protests began, police, the Indonesian military, the hotel contractor, the traditional head of the local village, and local citizens converged on the scene.

Because of the failure of the management of the hotel to attend the impromptu meeting, a decision was made to suspend the protest and return on Saturday, December 1, 2018. The protestors said the coercive pile of dumped limestone would be left at the entrance until discussions with the Hotel’s management could be successfully concluded. He said that discarded pile of stone represented an expression of the spontaneous disappointment of local residents with the recruitment process underway at the hotel.

On Saturday, December 1, 2018, mediation resumed attended by hotel management, the chief of the Peminge Village, local residents, and members of the police and armed forces.

As reported by Balipost.com, an "amiable" solution was reached between the local community and the Hotel’s management. The Hotel agreed to prioritize any efforts to advance the development of the surrounding community. The Hotel and the Community have once again agreed to a target of 30% of all employment positions should be reserved for local candidates.

In fact, the Hotel plans to eventually employ a staff of 400 staff  when it becomes fully operational, 120 of which or 30% will be recruited from the neighboring villages. To date, 83 local people are now employed at the Apurva Kempinski Resort, leaving only 37 more positions to be filled by surrounding villagers from the remaining new hire of 120 employees.  In other words and considering a number of key positions yet to be filled, the hiring targets from the local community remain firm on target.

Embarrassed at their pre-emptive and premature strike, local village officials and villagers blamed the blockade of the entrance and the dumping of limestone on a "simple miscommunication" as, in fact, the hotel was already exceeding agreed local-hire quota’s demanded by its surrounding neighbors. Accordingly, the unlawful pile of limestone was quickly removed by the protestors on Saturday, December 1, 2018.

Handshakes all around, apparently no criminal trespass charges will be brought by the Resort against the local community.