Certified Fit for Command

Indonesian Hoteliers Seek Professional Certification from American Hotel and Lodging Institute

An increasing number of Indonesian hoteliers are seeking international professional skill certification from the American Hotel and Lodging Institute (AHLEI) by securing a the prestigious Certified Hotel Administraor (CHA) pin awared to those who successfully complete course work and examinations covering vertually every aspect of modern hotel operation.

Quoted by Balipost.com, the President Director of Global Hospitality Experts (GHE), Agus Yoga Iswara, said the CHA  certification represents professional certification at the highest level for an aspiring hotelier. Aquired through course work, job experience and testing, the CHA suffix after a tourism professional’s name affirms the holder’s professional and managerial competence.

To undertake CHA certification, those wishing to take the course must have worked as a general manager or held a corporate executive position in a hotel for a minimum of two years. Upon acceptance into the program, 160 hours of study and simulations await. At the end of the program, candidates sit for a four-hour written examination covering financial management, sales and marketing, leadership management, human resources management room management, and food and beverage management in which they must achieve a passing score of 70%.

The Commissioner of GHE, Ramia Adnyana, SE., MM., CHA, said that CHA Certification demonstrates the quality of an Indonesian hoteler and, via international certification, their ability to compete in a global job market.

GHE is a division of the Bali International Tourism Academy (STPBI) who became formal partners with the American Hotel and Lodging Education Institute (AHLEI) in 2014.

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