Cheaper Gas Starting Now

Pertamina Lowers the Price of Most Gasoline at the Pumps. Here’s the List!

The State-owned oil company PT Pertamina has reduced the price of petroleum at gas stations across the nation effective February 10, 2019.

As reported by, the reduced fuel prices reflect the drop in crude oil prices worldwide and the strengthening of the Rupiah against the dollar.

The new prices now in effect at PERTAMINA Stations across Indonesia are:

  1. Pertamax Turbo reduced from Rp. 12,000 to Rp. 11,200 per liter
  2. Pertamax reduced from Rp. 10,200 to Rp. 9,850 per liter
  3. Dexlite reduced from Rp. 10,300 to Rp. 10,200 per liter
  4. Dex reduced from Rp. 11,750 to Rp. 11,700 per liter
  5. Pertalite unchanged at Rp. 7,650 per liter
  6. Premium gas sold in Java, Madura and Bali is now sold at Rp. 6,450 per liter – a price that is now the same nationwide.

The price of gasoline will be slightly higher in certain areas of Indonesia where a special gasoline tax applies that will vary from region to region.