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Government Warns that Chinese Guides Working Illegally in Bali will be Deported and Blacklisted by Immigration
The Head of Tourism for the Province of Bali, A.A Gede Yuniartha Putra, has warned that foreign nationals caught working illegally as guides in Bali can be deported.

As reported by, Yuniartha issued the warning on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, following news reports of a physical altercation between an illegal Chinese guide and a local Mandarin-speaking guide. Addressing the case and the Chinese national now held by police, Yuniartha said: “First, we will look at his visa. If he is using a tourist visa he will certainly be blacklisted by immigration preventing him from returning here.”

There are currently 14 registered languages spoken by the licensed guides working in Bali, including 2,980 English-speaking guides, 2,269 Japanese-speaking guides; 280 Italian speaking guides: 126 Dutch speaking guides; 494 German speaking guides; 166 Spanish speaking guides; 372 French speaking guides; 1,585 Mandarin speaking guides; 776 Korean speaking guides; 3 Swedish speaking guides; 1 Arabic speaking guides; 129 Russian speaking guides; 553 Indonesian speaking guides; and 6 Danish speaking guides.

Yuniartha also said he would be speaking to the PRC Consul-General assigned to Bali on how to ensure no more Chinese nationals are discovered working illegally as guides in Bali.

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