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Coke: Takes 17 Years to Pass Through the System

Peruvian Who Hid Cocaine in His Stomach Sentenced to 17 Years and a Rp. 2 Billion Fine in Bali.

A 55-year-old Peruvian man, Guido Torres Morales, has been sentenced by the Denpasar, Bali Court to 17 years in prison for smuggling 947.50 grams of cocaine into Indonesia.

As reported by The State News Agency Antara, Morales will also need to pay a fine of Rp. 2 billion or have four additional months added to his sentence.

The presiding judge announced that Morales had been legally proven to have smuggled a “Class I” narcotic into Indonesia in defiance of Section 113 paragraph 2 of Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics.

In handing down the 17-year sentence the lead-judge admonished the Peruvian, saying his actions put the health and physical development of the younger generation at risk. Morales was also told that his actions were detrimental to Indonesian tourism. In minor mitigation, the Judge noted the Peruvian had behaved politely, admitted his crime, and had never been charged with a crime in the past.

During the course of the trial, Prosecutor Anak Agung Alit Rai Suastika told how Guido Torres Morales had flown from Dubai to Bali on June 26, 2019, onboard Emirate Airlines flight EK450. Erratic and nervous behavior in the international arrival terminal drew Custom Officers’ attention, prompting a rigorous examination of both the Peruvian’s person and luggage. An x-ray and medically administered purgative eventually yielded 124 capsules of cocaine wrapped in aluminum foil and plastic from the man’s alimentary tract. The capsules, on a cumulative basis, contained 942.4 grams of cocaine.

Morales admitted he was acting a “mule” or “drug courier” with instructions to deliver the drugs to an individual waiting at a hotel in Bali.

The United Nation’s Office on Drugs and Crime estimates the street value of a gram of cocaine in Indonesia is approximately US$100 giving the drugs carried by Morales a value of more than US$92,000.

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