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Come All Ye Young Laddies and Lassies to Indonesia’s Green Shores

Indonesia Targets Half of all Foreign Tourists Will be between 15 and 34 Years of Age.

The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism is targeting 20 million foreign visitors for all of Indonesia in 2019. This target is seen by many as ambitious, given the fact that only 17 million foreign tourists visited the Country in 2018.

As reported by Kompas.com, the government is undertaking a whole range of strategic steps to ensure the 20 million target is achieved.

Ministry officials believe half of all foreign tourist arrivals in 2019 will be comprised of Millennials aged between 15-34 years of age. Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, says the millennial market is very large prompting his Ministry to seek that this age group will represent half of all foreign visitors to Indonesia.

Yahya said in a recent interview with Kompas.com, “If you want to talk numbers and if 50% of all inbound travelers are millennials, this means in 2019 we will target 10 million young millennials to visit Indonesia. Continuing, Arief Yahya says that 57% of all tourists visitors to Asia as a whole emanate from the millennial sector.

The Indonesian Tourism Minister hopes the targeted number of millennial traveling to Indonesia will be comprised of young Chinese travelers, followed in order of importance by Singaporeans, Malaysians, Australians, Europeans, Indians, Japanese and South Koreans.

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