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Coming Back for Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Bites

Rabid Dog Bites Five People in Semarapura, East Bali

A dog that ran amuck and bit five local residents of Klod Kangin, Semarapura, East Bali, on Sunday, June 24, 2018, has been declared to be positive for rabies.

NusaBali reports that all four bitten residents received Anti Rabies Vaccine (VAR) and that the dog was captured and eliminated by local residents. 

The rabid dog initially attacked 5.5-year-old Made Dwi Katiningsih from Banjar Mergan on Sunday at 10:00 am. At the time of the attack, Made Dwi Katiningsih was walking with a sister, Ni Putu Karunia (12) outside their home. As the girls were walking to the front door of their house the dog suddenly emerged and bit the toddler on her right hand. The child was brought by its father to the Klungkung General Hospital to receive VAR injections.

After biting the child, the dog ran off in a westerly direction where at 5:00 pm it bit four local residents of Klod Kangin. Suffering bites were Ketut Sumerti, Suriati, Ketut Nyeri, and Anak Agung Sri Agung. The four additional victims also received treatment for their wounds and VAR treatment.

Local residents who witnessed the attack beat the dog to death and brought its body to the the Agricultural Service for tests carried out on the dog’s brain tissue in Denpasar confirmed the animal was rabid.

Authorities returned to the area the following day and eliminated seven free-roaming dogs in a one kilometer vicinity. 

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