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Comrade Pavel’s Comeuppance

Russian May Face 8-Months Prison for Skipping Hotel, Restaurant and Tattoo Parlor Bills in Bali

Prosecutors in Bali are seeking an 8-month prison term for a 41-year-old Russian Sodel Pavel for failing to pay for his accommodation at a local hotel.

Beritabali.com reports that Pavel was arrested at the Hotel Tusita where he had checked in on March 9, 2018. Unable to pay the required deposit at check-in, the man explained he would need to first make a withdrawal from an ATM.

When asked for the security deposit the following day, Pavel told the receptionist that there was a problem with his ATM and assured he would make full payment on check-out on March 15, 2018.

Still unable to pay on March 15th the hotel removed the Russian’s belongings from the room and demanded the traveler surrender his passport as a guarantee. 

Police investigating the case also discovered that Pavel had failed to pay for meals consumed at the Pool Bar on Jalan Pantai Kuta in Legian. Apparently the man also visited a local tattoo parlor where he was unable  to pay for upon completion of services.

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