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Crime Committed at a Distance

Bali Police Arrest 103 Chinese Nationals Operating Cybercrime Racket
Police in Bali have conducted a major raid arresting 103 Chinese nationals suspected to be working for a trans-national cyber-crime.

As reported by Beritabali.com, police conducted simultaneous raids on three locations on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

11 women and 92 Chinese Mainland men together with 11 Indonesian nationals were arrested in the raids.

The head of Bali Provincial Police Special Crime Division, Anom Wibowo, coordinated the raids that took place at 1:30 pm. The three locations targeted by police were at the Mutiara Abianbase Housing Project in Mengwi where 44 Chinese and 5 Indonesian were arrested. A second location on Jalan Bedahulu XI/No. 39 in Denpasar yielded the additional arrest of 28 Chinese and 4 Indonesians. And a third location on Jalan Gatsu I/No. 9 in Denpasar saw 31 Chinese and 2 Indonesians taken into custody.

Also confiscated in the raids were 51 telephones, 48 hand phones, 5 laptops, 82 passports, 18 electronic routers, 2 printers and an assortment of other electronic paraphernalia.

Wibowo said the major raid and arrests were based on field investigations conducted by the Bali Police. The group was using the Internet to contact overseas Chinese who they tricked, extorted, or blackmailed to surrender cash by calling their victims and posing as members of the police.

According to cybercrime investigators, the criminal possess sophisticated equipment able to change the originating code shown on outgoing calls to resemble official numbers for the police and prosecutors in China. This deceit caused many victims to wholeheartedly believe the person calling and transfer funds.

Police say the Indonesian nationals arrested in the raids were employed in low-level positions as cleaners and cooks. The buildings used by the crime syndicate were all on long-term lease contracts.

Police have asked people renting residence in Bali to be aware of the activities of their tenants and be especially suspicious if sophisticated antennas are installed on the premises.

Police in Bali have raided 8 crime scenes in as many months and arrested some 300 people involved in cyber crime

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