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Bali Police Conclude Two-Week Anti Crime Crackdown
An annual two-week long police crackdown on crime in Bali titled “Operasi Pekat Agung 2018” held from April 27 – May 15, 2018, has recorded an increase in criminality when compared to “Operasi Pekat Agung 2017.”

Quoted by the State News Agency Antara, the Chief Commissioner of the Bali Police Hadi Purnomo said: “During the ‘Pekat Agung 2018’ operation, the police handled 130 criminal cases and saw the arrest of 62 suspects. This is an increase over the ‘Pekat Agung 2017’ operation when 120 cases were handled.”

The 130 criminal cases handled in the 2018 crime crackdown included 25 narcotics cases, 11 cases of felony theft, and 8 cases of simple larceny.

During the two-week crackdown there were also 2 cases of vehicle theft. 1 case of robbery using assault, and 2 arrests for illegal gambling.

This year’s crime crackdown also saw the police apprehend 3 for carrying illegal weapons and 9 cases of gangsterism.

The crime blotter goes on. Police also recorded apprehending 6 street beggars, 42 cases of consuming illegal alcoholic consumption, 4 cases of collecting illegal levies or fees, and 13 cases of prostitution.

Summarizing the two-week crime crackdown, Hadi Purnomo said 257 criminal suspects were identified with only 62 taken into custody. One of the 62 under arrest was a Russian netted in a narcotics arrest.

Evidence collected by the police during the operation includes 835,400 liters of arak, 111 bottles of imported alcohol without the proper government stamps, 19.39 grams of amphetamines, 344 grams of marijuana, 3 grams of cocaine, and 45 ecstasy capsules weighing 13.01 grams,

In making prostitution arrests the police also confiscated as evidence 15 contraceptive devices (2 used), three bedspreads, two towels and a box of tissues. 

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