Deadly Shaking in Lombok

Nearly 100 Dead and Hundreds Injured in Two Massive Earthquakes in North Lombok July 29th and August 5th, 2018.

Lombok has been hit by two major devastating earthquakes within a single week.

The first, was a 6.4 magnitude on the Richter-scale earthquake struck in the northwest corner of the Island of Lombok on Sunday, July 29, 2018, at 6:47 am local time. The epicenter of the earthquake was locared 47-kilometers northeast of Lombok’s capital of Mataram on the slopes of Mount Rinjani volcano at a depth of 24 kilomters wih the shock of the quake and numerous after-shocks felt in Lombok, Bali and Sumbawa. In the week following the seismic event, a total of 124 after-shocks with an intensity exceeding 5.0 magnitude were recorded, with a large 5.7 magmitude occurring just 3.5 hours after the initial earthquake.

Indonesian experts from the National Weather, Climate and and Geophysical Agency  (BKMG), have now declared the the July 29th earthquake and the after-quakes in the week that followed as prelimininaries or “fore-quakes” to the major 7.0 magnitude that struck the area at 6:48 pm local time on Sunday, August 5, 2018.

July 29th Earthquake

Data from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) recorded 16 deaths linked to the first earthquake on July 29th, including one Malaysian. 355 injuries requiring medical treatment and more than 1,000 homes and building damaged by the first seismic event.

The Malaysian fatality was a woman name Siti Nure Lesmawida who was killed when her accommodation in East Lombok collapsed during the earthquake.

333 mountain trekkers climbing Mount Rinjani were temporary stranded by the earthquake that caused hiking paths to disappear due to landslides. An Indonesian university student climbing in the area died when he fell during the earthquake and sustained head injuries.

In the days following the first earthquake, Indonesia search and rescue offcials and military personnel managed to rescue some 500 people on the montain using military helicopters.

August 5th Earthquake

The seond earthquake on August 5, 2018 that also struck North Lombok was substantially more intense measuring 7.0 magnitude when it occurred at 6:48 pm. Preliminary casualty counts listed 82 deaths and hundreds injured on the Island of Lombok, numbers that may grow as officials survey the damage.

BNPB reports that the worst damage in the second earthquake happened in the Regencies of North Lombok, East Lombok and the City of Mataram. 65 deaths were recorded in North Lombok, 9 deaths in West Lombok, and 2 deaths in Central Lombok, 2 deaths in East Lombok, and 4 deaths in Mataram. Most deaths resulted from collapsing buildings. While authorities are assessing the full extent of damage caused by the August 5th event, hundreds of homes were damaged.

Rescure efforts are being hampered to some degree by “after quakes” some of which are measuring at 6.4 magnitude.

A small tidal effect of between 10-15 centimeters resulted from the quake. While a brief tsunami warning cause many to wisely evacuate to higher ground, no casualties or significant property damage are being linked to any tsunami effect.

Fear of after-quakes has caused hospitals in Lombok to temporarily relocate patients to open fields near the medical centers. reports that the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) has immediately dispatched the Hospital Ship Dr. Soeharso to Lombok. The TNI have also mobilized two entire mobile medical health battalions (Kostrad and Marinir). Both were quickly sent with full inventories of medical equipment and supporting supplies, including field hospitals and field kitchens. The Head of the Indonesian Military Command said the medical teams left at daybreak on Monday using Hercules C-130 transport from the Indonesian Air Force. Orders issued by the National Military Commander are for the military components to fully coordinate with efforts the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) already on the scene of the disaster and working to alleviate suffering from the earthquake that occurred a week earlier.

The Situation in Bali

Both the July 29th and August 5th earthquakes were felt across the Island of Bali. The August 5th seismic event violently shook many areas for 10 seconds or more. The resulting damage is linked to at least 2 fatalities in Bali, tens of injuries, and significant property damage,

Nusa Bali reports that lives of Ni Kaded Yuliani (21) and Witjaksono (64) were lost in the August 5th earthquake/ Yuliani died in South Denpasar when she was struck by falling debris at her boarding house, while Witjaksono suffered a heart attack at a Kuta area restaurant.

Tens of injuries were reported in Denpasar and East Bali reporting treatment at area hospitals.

Injuries and a large number of motorcycles and cars were damages at the Matahari Mall in Denpasar caused by falling roofing tiles.  Similar reports and photos of property damage and injuries were posted from the Galleria Mall in Kuta.

Building damage in Bali is still being surveyed. The General Hospital in Karangasem evacuated 112 patients when structural cracks appeared on walls where patients were housed. Some hospitals in South Bali took the precaution of temporarily moving patient to open areas after the violent shakes experienced at 6:48 pm.

The government declared the areas affected by the earthquake in Lombok an official disaster zone and deployed large amounts of aid and emergency relief personnel to the disaster area. Shortly after the first earthquake occurred, Indonesian President Joko Widodo traveled to Lombok to personally manage disaster relief efforts

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