Dealing a Bad Set of Cards

Bulgarian Arrested for Skimming ATM Depots in Bali

The Criminal Division of the Bali Police have apprehended a Bulgarian, Stefan Ivanov (53), on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, while he was dining at the Laota Restaurant on Jalan Raya Kuta in Tuban in connection with an earlier illegal skimming of money from a Bank Mandiri ATM at a gas station in Kerobokan.

The arrest was made based on information provided by Bank Mandiri. At the time of the arrest, Ivanov was in possession of a knife, airsoft gun, and Rp. 51.3 million.

As reported by, the use of a fraudulent card to deduct money from the subject ATM dated from July 17, 2018, with the last fraudulent transaction taking place on July 31, 2018.

Following a police search the Bulgarian’s lodgings on Jalan Gunung Payung Lantang Sari in West Denpasar, authorities took possession of  a Yamaha Arox Motorcycle. In addition to the air gun and knife, police found Rp. 51.3 million is cash, 98 counterfreit ATM cards, a flexible cable, an international drivers license, a skimming router, two flashdisks, three keys, nine debit and credit cards, a wrist watch, two boxes of unused ATM cards, a laptop computer, six BCA bank books, three Bank Mandiri bank books, one BNI bank book, and one Bank BTN bank book, two hard drives, three flash disks and four hand phones.

Under interrogation, the Bulgarian told police how he had been involved in skimming bank data at an ATM operated by Bank Mandiri near a gas station in Kerobokan, A Bank Mandiri ATM in Denpasar, a Bank Mandiri ATM at Sunset Pont in Kuta, a BNI ATM in Sunset Point in Kuta, a BRI ATM on Sunset Point in Kuta, and an Mandiri ATM at a gas station on Jalan Dewo Kunti in Kuta.

Police are searching for a Russian accomplice of the Bulgarian and other members of what they thoerize is an international crime syndicate.

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