Decongesting Ubud

Police in Ubud Promise to Have Main Roads Free of On-Street Parking Before October 2018

The head of the Gianyar Regency Police Precinct, Priyanti Priyo Hutomo, has launch a public-based declaration of for good traffic control in Ubud at a ceremony on Wednesday, July 18, 2018.

The campaign to help relieve the epic levels of traffic congestion in Ubud is being supported by a door-to-door campaign to all shops and stores in Ubud asking that main traffic arteries be kept free of parked vehicles.

Police and Regency traffic officials pledge that those who perists in parking their vehicles on main roadways will be issued tickets and face the possibility of having their vehicles towed away and/or wheels locked.

“The people must change their behavior,” said Priyanto.

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