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Denpasar Gets Tough with Illegally Park Vehicles

Illegally Park Cars Denpasar Can Now Get Towed, Stickered-Up, Towed, Wheel Locked or Tires Deflated

A joint task force comprised of Denpasar Transportation officials, the Police, Armed Forces and related agencies is working to take stern steps again motorists who park illegally in Bali’s capital city.

Balipost.com and the State News Agency Antara report that on Tuesday, January 29, 2019, as many as 45 vehicles found to be parking illegally on Jalan A Yani (21 vehicles), Jalan Cokroaminoto (4 vehicles), and Jalan Jepun (20 vehicles) had their windows covered with highly adhesive stickers, wheels locked, were towed away, or had their tires deflated.

Officials insisted that anything less than stern measures against illegally parked cars in Denpasar would prove ineffective. In the future, illegally parked cars can except a wide array of punitive measures to be applied against their vehicles.

Image: Bali Post

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