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Denpasar Police to be Out in Force During Holiday Period

More than 1,000 Police and Military Personnel to Guarantee Silent Nights and Peace on Earth

The State News Agency Antara reports that the Denpasar, Bali Police Precinct will deploy 1,069 officers together with Indonesian Armed Forces members (TNI) and other stakeholders to help keep the peace in the run-up to Christmas and News Years 2019-2020.

The Head of the Denpasar Police, Ruddi Setiawan said on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, “In order to safeguard the New Year and Christmas period, the Denpasar Police, Armed Forces (TNI), and stakeholders will monitor and prepare command posts at all places of worship and undertake daily patrols across Denpasar.”

He said that plainclothes officers would be stationed at selected command posts, such as the Ubung Bus Station, the Airport, Seaport, Kuta and other areas where foreign tourists congregate.

Setiawan said the placement of plainclothes officers will enhance the monitoring and shorten the response time by the police in the event of any unwanted incidents. The Chief of the Denpasar Police said preparations are underway with police cracking down on illegal motorcycle gangs across the City. Moreover, Setiawan warned anyone, Indonesian or foreigner, planning criminal acts over the coming holidays, to expect very strict enforcement of the law, including shooting those who resist arrest.

Setiawan reminded the public to obey traffic laws, including prohibitions against using a handphone while operating a vehicle.

He also suggested that people be careful when carrying a bag in public to avoid becoming a victim of the recent upsurge in purse snatching incidents.

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