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Don’t Drop the Soap, Recycle It!

Nusa Dua Recycles Guests Soap into New Bars of Soap for Bali’s Needy

The Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa has joined forces the PUSPADI Bali Foundation in a program to recycle the left-over fragment of bath soap.

PUSPADI Bali is a Non-Profit Organization in Bali providing rehabilitation, education & training, and advocacy programs for persons with disabilities. They also work to ensure environmental sustainability in Bali and East Indonesia.

The soap recycling program collects lleftover fragments from bars of soap from hotels that are processed into new bars of soap that are recycled and distributed to orphanages, needy families, and poor communities in Bali. This program reduces soap waste from the hotels and gives the underprivileged greater access to basic hygiene. In the recycling process, the soap is melted down, sanitized and cut into new bars of soap. The recycling process is performed by individuals with disabilities who are trained and employed by PUSPADI Bali.

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa has delivered its second package of 12 kilograms of recycled soap this on April 22, 2019 to PUSPADI Bali.

“Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa will continue the donation of used soap to PUSPADI Bali on a monthly basis and remains committed to its support of the disabled. Other community-based activities include visits to local orphanages, monthly beach cleaning, recycling initiatives, and tree planting,” said Jamal Hussain, general manager of Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa.

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