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Bali Targets to Eliminate Rabies by 2020

The Province of Bali in Indonesia is targeting to totally eradicate rabies by 2020.

The target to make Bali rabies-free was revealed by Governor Wayan Koster during a meeting on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, with the ad interim Head of the Animal Husbandry Department, Wayan Mardiana, was attended by two rabies experts Professor I Ketut Pudja and AA Gde Putra.

As reported by, the Governor pledged to strengthen measures to prevent rabies in Bali, including increasing vaccination campaigns. Adding: “With the existing budget and teams already in place, we will prioritize areas where cases of rabies are still prevalent in order that by next year we will be rabies-free. We will also cover other areas so Bali remains free of rabies.”

Mardiana explained that Provincial team have been working hard to eliminate rabies in those areas of Bali still listed as “red” or rabies-infected. “Prevention also includes socializing information to dog-owners encouraging them to care for the health of their pets and avoid ‘red zone areas’. Steps have been taken to prevent the spread of rabies beyond the ‘red areas’’, explained the animal health officials. 

Professor Ketut Pudja endorsed the Provincial Government’s plans to restore Bali’s reputation as a rabies-free zone by 2020.

Meanwhile the head of the Provincial Health Department Ketut Suarjaya said he fully supports moves to eliminate rabies, particularly the treatment of those bitten by a rabid dog with anti-rabies serum. Suarjaya confirmed that 42 rabies centers are in operation in Bali. He said he hoped the target to eliminate rabies by 2020 will be successful.

Separately, Governor Koster urged that dog shows be organized for the Bali breed of Kintamani Dogs in conjunction with efforts emhamced to encourage the breeding of this endemic breed of canine. “Breeding will increase the number of Kintamani dogs and we will forbid their export outside of Bali. This is important for their enhancement in the natural habitat. If required, we will make special regulations (protecting the Kintamani species),” said the Governor.

Illustration: Kintamani Breed of Dog

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