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Puspadi Foundation: A Force for Change in the Lives of Bali’s Disabled and Handicapped Community
On Friday, April 20, 2018, Puspadi Bali celebrated its 19th anniversary.

Founded in 1999 by I Nengah Latra and a group of concerned expatriates, Puspadi is the only non-government organization (NGO) on the Island providing rehabilitation, education and training to handicapped individuals, while, at the same time, actively advocating for rights and access to opportunities for advancement,

In the nearly two decades since its founding, Puspadi has helped more than 4,850 people through the provision and manufacture of quality prosthetics and orthotics, wheelchairs, mobility aids and rehabilitative care. The foundations clients are drawn from people suffering from congenital defects, accident victims, people afflicted with polio, and diabetics.

From their offices located at the Annika Linden Center on Jalan Bakung No. 19, Banjar Tohpati in Denpasar, Puspati’s sizeable staff of workers is guided by the principle of “nothing for us, without us” with 70% of staff drawn from the ranks of the disabled. In this location, tucked away on a side street in Denpasar, staff create and repair prosthetic and orthotic devises, manufacture wheelchairs, provide physiotherapy, undertake vocational and skill training, and coordinate corrective surgeries at local hospitals for clients with cleft palates, club feet and other ailments.

Puspadia important work is made possible through the continuing support of local businesses and members of the community

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