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Enter By Bali’s Backdoor to Save Money

Banyuwangi Airport Set to Become a Major Air Gateway to Bali

Detik.com reports that Banyuwangi’s Bliimbingsari Airport is being targeted by the Government to become a Low-Cost Carrier INternational Airport.

The Banyuwangi Airport has been the object in recent years of a major expansion and renovation program that has resulted in a new terminal and expanded runway.

Officials say the airport’s development as a low cost airline hub is a fundamental part of the National Government’s desire to welcome 20 million foreign tourists to Indonesia by 2020.

An Angkasa Pura Spokesman said that Low Cost Carriers’ passenger number has grown by 55% annually while full service carries are gowing at a much lower rate of only 7%.

To realize the plans for the Banyuwangi Airport, steps are underway to thicken and harden the runway from PCN 27 to PCN 56 – a level sufficient to safely handle Boeing 737-NG, Boeing 737 ER, and Airbus 320 aircraft. The runway apron has also beem expanded to 34,000 square meters in order to accommodate 9 narrow body aircraft - a tripling of the apron’s former capacity. The runway dimensions that were once 2,250 meters x 30 meters are now 2,500 meters x 45 meters. Parking at the airport has been more than doubled to 5,000 square meters capable of parking 260 vehicles. And, the airport’s terminal has been rebuilt from 7,000 square meters to 20,000 square meters.

The cost of airport improvement in Banyuwangi has been put at Rp. 300 billion.

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