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Everything Old is New Again!

PACTO Destination Management Company Constructing Modern New Headquarters in Bali

In 1967, legendary Indonesian businessman and travel industry pioneer Hasjim Ning was persuaded by his intense love of his homeland to share Indonesia with the world by establishing PACTO – which was, in those early days of Indonesia’s “New Order,” among the very few travel and tour companies operating internationally and in Republic.

22 Years later, in 1989, with outlets and representational offices now established in many leading Indonesian and international cites, PACTO’s President Director and CEO Hasyim Ning proudly presided at the opening of the company’s new Bali branch office located on Jalan Bypass Sanur that became Bali’s first Destination Management Company. That locale has served as PACTO’s Bali Headquarters for the past three decades, accommodating a team of travel professions known worldwide for providing exemplary service to hundreds of thousands of Island visitors.

A proud record of corporate success and Bali’s emergence as a leading international tourism destination has now resulted in PACTO outgrowing the carrying capacity of its Bali’s office, necessitating its closure for 12 months in order to permit the old building’s demolition and the construction of an entirely new office building of four storeys covering an office space of 1,250 square meters. Meeting high technological demands for communication and digital technology, the new office will provide the fastest level of Internet connectivity in Bali supported by a dedicated Internet tower integrated into the building’s superstructure. From this new headquarter building, the skilled travel and destination specialists at PACTO Bali will work from individual “command posts” that put the latest information, reservation, and communication technology at the teams’ fingertips.

Still located at Jalan Bypass Sanur No. 378, the new state-of-the-art office space will provide a comfortable, dynamic, and sophisticated workspace for the 120 employees serving as “PACTO’s Bali team” who join the more than 300 PACTO employees nationwide working in offices located in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Medan.

Meanwhile, the 120 Bali-based employees working at PACTO’s sister companies of Bali Prima Holiday and PACTO Convex will continue to work from their current separate office locales on the Island.

Commenting on the construction of the new Bali main office, Umberto Cadamuro, Chief Operation Officer for PACTO in Bali, said: “It is, of course, with a certain sense of sadness that our PACTO team walked out of a locale that has served us so well for 30 years to take up temporary quarter just down the road as heavy equipment and contractors moved in to demolish our old premises and start constructing our new offices covering 4 floors and 1,250 square meters of working space. But, in truth, any sadness felt comes mixed with the exciting knowledge that a new and magnificent PACTO home will soon rise in our old location, creating what is expected to be a facility second-to-none in the national travel industry. ‘Hats off’ and ‘full speed ahead’ to our wonderful Bali team whose hard work and dedication have made it possible for PACTO to retain its position as Indonesia’s most successful destination management company.”

As the PACTO Team packed up and moved to their temporary offices while waiting for their new office to open in Q1 2021, PACTO general manager Freddy Rompas and the team posed for a commemorative photo and a fond final farewell in a spot they will soon reassemble for another “family photo” to welcome the opening of their new Bali office space.

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