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Failing to Give Caesar his Due

Many Badung Restaurants Resisting Online Tax Reporting
Balipost.com reports that a number of restaurants operating in Bali’s southernmost regency of Badung are resisting efforts by the Government to install automated “tapping boxes” that instantly register the 10% tax on food applied to every bill.

The head of revenues for the Regency, I Made Sutama, admitted on Sunday, April 15, 2018, that restaurants are refusing to connect the tapping boxes. He revealed this during a series of surprise visits to four local restaurants that included the Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant, Mugshot Coffee, Rasa Sayang Restaurant and Sushi Hana.

The unannounced visit revealed that the Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant on Jalan Batu Belig was complying with the law and had a fully functioning "tapping box" instantly reporting all sales to the Badung Tax Collection Agency. Meanwhile, Sutama said that the Mugshot Coffee, Rasa Sayang Restaurant and Sushi Hana would all receive official warning letters for their failure to connect to the "tapping box" system.

Sutama said that a check on 200 "tapping boxes" in Badung Regency found 26 that were not connected with the restaurants failing to do so are receiving written warnings and reprimands.

Sutama said that companies that refuse to connect to the online tax declaration system could face the revocation of their operating permits under Regency Law No. 2 of 2016 on Online Tax Payments.

Sutama confirmed that 1,140 tapping boxes have been installed in across the Badung Regency at hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers and parking facilities.

Plans by the Regency call for the installation of tapping boxes at all taxable businesses over time.

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