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Bali by the Numbers: Foreign Tourists Stayed an Average 3.17 Days in Bali Starred Hotel in February 2018
The average length of stay for both foreign and domestic tourist visitors to Bali are stated at an average of 3.17 days in starred hotels in February 2018, slightly less than the average 3.44 days length of stay recorded in January.

The head of the Bali Provincial Statistic Bureau (BPS) told the State News Agency Antara that foreign tourists tend to stay longer in starred hotels than domestic tourists.

Foreign tourists stayed an average of 3.30 days in starred hotels in February, down 0.30 days when compared to the average 3.60 days of starred hotel occupation by foreigners in January 2018.

Meanwhile, domestic tourist stayed only 2.94 average days in starred hotels in February 2018, down 0.21 days to the 3.15 days average length of stay recorded in January 2018.

Broken down further, foreign tourists staying in 3-starred hotel in February 2018 stayed 3.67 days, while domestic tourists in 3-starred hotels only lingered 2.51 days. Both figures were slightly less than the lengths of stays for January.

For 4-starred hotels the length of stay for foreign tourists in February was 3.74 days, while domestic tourists stayed 3.6 days.

Well-heeled foreign tourist staying in 5 star hotels stayed an average of 2.97 nights in February, down from the 3.51 nights recorded in January 2018. Indonesian travelers staying in 5-star hotels stayed 3.83 nights in February, down from 3.84 nights in January. The longer length of stay for domestic travelers in February may be linked to wealthy Chinese New Year holiday makers from the Indonesian market.

In February 2018, 452,423 foreign tourists came to Bali, increasing from the 358,065 foreign travelers who came to Bali in January.

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