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Fasting Followed by Frustration

Indonesians Planning Lebaran Homecoming Worried by Threats of Pilot Strike at Garuda Indonesia
Tempo.co reports that threats by the pilots and crews of the Indonesian national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia to go on strike during the peak Lebaran Holiday travel period, is causing concern among the public that plan to be home for the holiday may be disrupted if the industrial action materializes.

One 25-year-old passenger, Muhammad Kalifardi, told Tempo.co that he is already holding a plane ticket to “mudik” (homecoming at Lebaran) and, for that reason, hopes no strike will take place. Adding: “It will be unfortunate if there is a general strike (at Garuda). Many will suffer from such a strike, including the company and the general public.”

Kalifardi called on the Airline’s management to provide appropriate compensation if a strike does take place. “If things do not go smoothly, Garuda should provide a ‘recovery’ to the consumers or a refund if all schedules are cancelled. Garuda will suffer (if there is a strike),” he said.

Remaining optimistic, the young man has not cancelled his confirmed reservations to fly Semarang-Surabaya and Jembar-Jakarta.

Another Garuda passenger, Imanta Azaki, is deeply concerned about the threatened strike and the fate of his full fare ticket Jakarta-Padang that he had purchased for holiday travel. He said he would seek a refund if a strike causes a cancellation of his flight and try to find an alternate flight.

Lukas Manalu has taken to his Twitter account (@lukassomanalu) who had criticized the proposed strike as a means of underlining their concerns over the Airline’s future. Adding: “A strike is not a wise way to act. Especially when such a strikes victimizes the passengers.” Manalu called on the Airline and its pilots to look for a win-win solution and not allow egos to come into play.

Meanwhile, another member of the public, Eko Budianto, used Twitter to call on the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi to sanction Garuda Indonesia and its pilots if thousands of pilots and crew follow through and go on strike during the holiday period.

The Association of Garuda Pilots (APG) has confirmed that its membership of 1,300 pilots and 5,000 crew are prepared to call a general strike during the Lebaran holidays if the Government does not meet its demands to make changes in the senior management of the National Airlines.

The President of APG, Captain Bintang Handiono, said on Thursday, May 31, 2018 that the Garuda Indonesia Employees Union with 10,000 members is preparing to go on strike. Adding: “We will definitely all go on strike. As regards the time, we will let you know. At this point we are waiting to see if there is good will on the part of the Government to save Garuda Indonesia.”

Referring to another, now defunct, State-owned Airline, Handiono warned, “We do not want to end up like Merpati.”

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