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Fewer Tourists Eating Fewer Fruits and Vegetables

Bali’s Produce and Fruit Growers Suffering from Current Downturn in Tourist Numbers

Bali is currently experiencing a remarkably weak low season with hoteliers complaining of low occupancy across the entire range of accommodation available in Bali. As reported by NusaBali.com, the downturn in tourism – both in terms of number and quality – is also being felt across a number of sub-sectors of the economy.

The agriculture sector that provides produce and fruit to hotels and restaurants is reporting that orders have reduced by one-third during the current business downturn.  I Wayan Sugiarta, a horticulturalist, complained on Friday, April 12, 2019, “Usually I send one-half ton, now I send only 350 kilograms. “

Sugiarta also serves as the chairman of the Horticultural Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association (Asperhorti) linked the downturn in orders to the current very quiet tourist season. Adding: “It’s a seasonal phenomenon,” Assuring orders would increase when more visitors coming to the Island.”

Other suppliers to five-star hotels say produce and fruit orders have remained relatively stable, with occupancy at upper end properties less impacted than at less-expensive properties.

Meanwhile, demand for produce and fruit from consumers’ remains strong, buoyed to some extent by a number of major religious ceremonies underway in Bali that bolsters demands through traditional meals and the need for produce to create religious offerings.

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