Finished Ahead of Schedule

New Underpass at Entrance to Bali’s Airport Completed Ahead of Schedule

Bali’s second underpass located under the Ngurah Rai Monument at the entrance to Bali’s Airport was completed on August 31, 2018, well in advance of its targeted completion on October 20th. The road will be ready as part of a coordinated program of infrastructure programs being put in place to prepared for the Interational Monetary Fund-World Bank Conference to be held in Bali in early October.

The project took eleven months to build leading up to a final inspection by the National Highways Agency on Monday, September 9, 2018. During the inspection the road was opened for 30 minutes to ensure all elements of the underpass functioned as planned.

The project now awaits final authorization to operate from Jakarta.

As reported by, the underpass including access ramps is 900 meters long with a width of 17 meters. The section of the underpass that is under cover is a tunnel 120 meters long.

The opening of the new roadway is expected to eliminate the traffic bottleneck at the airport intersection that is the meeting point for the Bali Toll Road, the north-south Bypass Ngurah Rai highway, and the entrance to the Airport.

The underpass project cost Rp. 168.3 billion and was funded by national sources. Construction was done by PT Adhi Karya, PT Nindya Karya, and PT Wira KSO.

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