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Fire: The Spirit of Creation

40th Bali Arts Festival June 16 – July 14, 2018
The 40th edition of the Bali Arts Festival returns June 16 – July 14, 2018, headquartered, as in years past, at the Bali Arts Center in downtown Denapsar.

"Teja Dharmaning Koripan” or “Fire, The Spirit of Creation” has been adopted as the organizing theme for this year’s Bali Arts Festival. Fire is seen as a sacred, purifying essence that can be unpredictable in nature. A source of energy that must be controlled, if left unintended can allow anger to morph into recklessness and destruction. Whether speaking of the humanity’s “fire within” or a raging blaze, control of fire can be a source of spiritual strength. In the Balinese cosmos, balance between seeming opposites sits at the center of the ceremonial and spiritual life of the Balinese-Hindus.

The “Pesta Kesenian Bali” or “Bali Arts Festival” will feature an entire month of dance, music, theatre and other art forms from Bali, the rest of Indonesia, and around the world presented by both simple village art groups and professional performance troupes. A schedule of daily performances commences with a grand parade on June 16thin Renon at the Bajra Sandhi Monument typically attended by the President of Republic.

Among the attractions expected to appear this year are dance dramas (Sendratari), contemporary theatre performance, photography exhibitions, artistic workshops, culinary events, and musical performances.

For more information, contact:

The Office of Tourism of Bali Province
Jl. S. Parman Street/ Niti Mandala
Renon Denpasar 802235, Bali

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