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Garuda Indonesia, Bangga Bersamanya

Garuda Flies Plane 1970s Vintage Livery and Crew with Retro Wardrobes – Limited Time Only

As the Indonesian flag carrier Garuda Indonesia approaches the end of the year, the Airline is launching the “Garuda Indonesia Vintage Flight Experience” using a modern Boeing 737-800NG aircraft with its exterior painted in the livery of the 1970-era with cabin crew similarly dressed in vintage uniforms.

The director of service for Garuda Indonesia, Nicodemus P. Lampe, said: “The concept behind the Garuda Indonesia Vintage Flight Experience is intended to provide a unique and interesting invitation to fly at the of the year and experience fling as it was in the 1970-1980s."

Cabin crew are also outfitted with uniforms designed by Hanae Mori, a famous Japanese designer from that era who designed the outfits for stewardesses.

Plans are for the Garuda Indonesia Vintage Experience to be available December 7-17, 2018, on specific flights between Jakarta-Balikpapan (GA 566 and GA 569), Jakarta-Surabaya (GA304 and GA309), and Jakarta-Singapore (GA846 and GA847).