Get Under It!

New Underpass at Entrance to Bali’s Airport to Open in August 2018
The reports that construction of the new underpass at the entrance to Bali’s Airport has reached 62% of completion, with plans to open the tunnel by late August 2018.

The underpass is part of a program of improvements being introduced island-wide in anticipation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)-World Bank to be held in Bali October 8-14, 2018.

As the result of round-the-clock construction, the tunnel portion of the north-south underpass is undergoing the surfacing of the roadway and the tunnels walls, and ceilings.

Before the end of May, landscaping of the overhead road-about and lighting elements will be installed. Also in May, a pump house control center will be completed that will control a 5 pumps to keep the underpass flood-free during periods of heavy rain.

A circular garden area that will sit atop the underpass will be fenced and not accessible to the general public. This decision has been taken to safeguard pumping and ventilation system located within the garden.

The actual underpass will measure 132-meters in length and 18-meters wide with a height of 5.2 meters. In all, including access road and exits the underpass will measure 712 meters.

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