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Ghost-busting a Hotel in Bedugul

Tabanan Regency Plans to Revitalize and Rebuild Bali’s ‘Ghost Hotel’ in Bedugul.

Bali Express reports that a long-abandoned and deserted large hotel project in Bali’s mountain-lake district of Bedugul has been targeted for revitalization and completion by the Regency of Tabanan.

The huge Hotel Puncak Indah (PI) Hotel Project that was commenced in 1997 by a Son of Indonesia’s former president Soeharto, only to be abandoned later when the Strongman who ruled Indonesia for 31 years was ousted from power in 1998. With some of the finishing elements in an advance state of construction, the hotel that sits empty has been dubbed as “The Haunted Hotel”.

The Tabanan Administration has reportedly held discussions with the hotel’s current owner and is said to be seeking a new investor to totally revamp the project to become a luxury international-standard property worthy of tariffs approaching US$1,000 per night.

The Government is urging the property be branded as “The Bedugul Sunrise Hotel” reflecting its panoramic views surrounded by agricultural lands and rice terraces.

A Regency spokesperson said the development of The Bedugul Sunrise Hotel will be done in two phases. First, the site plan for the hotel must be redrawn and new detailed engineering plans prepared. During this phase, the existing structure would be demolished and the land contoured. This would be followed by the second phase of the actual construction of the new hotel with all its supporting facilities.

Officials are estimating that initially Rp. 200 billion is needed to undertake The Bedugul Sunrise Hotel Project.

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