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Guile No Longer Enough for Illegal Guides in Bali

Gianyar Fines Three Unlicensed Tour Guides Record High Rp. 25 million

Three unlicensed guide were apprehended and quickly brought to court (tipiring) in the Regency of Gianyar on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. The three were found by the Regency’s Enforcement Agency (Satpol PP) leading Chinese tourists on April 22nd without the official ID and license required for Bali’s tourist guides.

Balipost.com reports that the three illegal guides – Nicky, Soepowi and Jhonson - were each fined the substantial amount of Rp. 25 million by presiding judge Wawan Edi Prastiyo.

In lieu of jail time, the three men agreed to pay the fine and court costs of Rp. 5 thousand per case. Had the men been unwilling or unable to pay the fine, the alternative would have been 3 months in Jail.

The three were caught leading Chinese tourists at Pura Puseh Batuan in Sukawati without holding official guide licenses - an act that is in violation of Provincial Law Number 5 of 2016 on Tour Guides.

While the maximum fine allowed under the law for acting as an illegal guide is Rp. 50 million, the Rp. 25 million fine is the highest ever imposed for the crime and signifies a new  “get tough” stance being adopted in dealing with illegal guides. Last month a Denpasar Court imposed a fine of Rp. 500,000 on illegal guides apprehended working in Bali’s capital city.

Image: Bali Express – Jawa Post Group

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