Guilty as Charged?

Mauritanian Woman Goes on Rp. 414 million Shopping Spree in Bali with Credit Card Stolen from an English Tourists

Roughaya Abeidi, a 31-year-old woman from Mauritania, has been apprehended by police in Bali after going on a shopping spree with a stolen credit card.

Quoted by, Teuku Ricki Fadlianshah from the Kuta Police Precinct, said: "Roughhaya was arrested on suspicion of theft. She admitted to finding a credit card on the street that she used to shop, spending hundreds of millions of rupiah in the process.”

Fadlianshah said that an English woman, Holly Jemina Hartley, reported the loss of her credit card and driver's license to police in Kuta on October 22, 2019. She told police that on the previous day she checked in with friends into a hostel room for 6 people at the Ala Hostel on Jalan Drupadi Basangkasa in Seminyak. She left her handbag containing a debit card, credit card, travel card and English driving license in her room before going to the nearby beach with friends. A short time later, Hartley’s Father telephoned from the UK informing her that her bank had queried a large number of transactions taking place on her credit card. She then checked her bag to discover that her credit card and driving license were missing.

Police then undertook interviews of guests and employees at the hostel. Hartley also gave police copies pf print outs of transactions on her credit card performed in Bali with a value of Rp. 414,222,970. Police were then able to visit the merchants in Bali where the charges were made.

One merchant, Yulia Jewelry at Mall Bali Galleria, was able to provide a physical description of the woman who used the credit card and CCTV footage of the woman's visit to their shop. Police also backtracked the woman to other merchants where the credit card had been used that included a NIKE store, Oke Shop and Athena Jewelry.

Police eventually apprehended the woman using the “missing” credit card, arresting Roughaya Abeidi on Thursday, October 21, 2019 at 10:00 pm at the Vila De Bale Legian, taking both the woman and various items of evidence into custody.

Under interrogation, Abeidi admitted she had used the credit card for 13 transactions, insisting she had found the credit card on a roadside somewhere in Kuta.

Police found various pieces of jewelry, shopping receipts from Athena Jewelry, receipts from Nike, and the English woman’s driving license. Police also interrogated an Indonesian companion of Abeidi who reported;y witnessed the illegal transactions.

The Mauritanian woman will be charged crimes punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

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