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Half a Sky Better Than None?

Sky Garden Discotheque Declared ‘Half-Closed’ Due to Lack of Licenses and Unpaid Taxes

Radar Bali reports the ongoing struggle for control of the popular Kuta nightspot - Sky Garden Discotheque on Jalan Raya Legian – Kuta continues, largely as normal while the Club's owners air their dirty linen in front of Bali officialdom detailing failures to renew operating licenses and pay past tax obligations.

As the competing parties comprised of old and new directors trade barbs, a litany of expired operating licenses have surfaced together with unpaid tax bills totaling Rp. 9,530,000,000.

With "half" of the night spot closed by Badung Regency officials, the current operators are reportedly trying to pay their tax bill off in installments.

The head of the tax revenue department of the Badung Regency (Bapenda), Made Sutama, confirmed that the Sky Garden still has a quantity of unpaid taxes that they have promised to pay in installments. “The unpaid tax balance is Rp. 9,530,000,000,” Sutama explained.

Apparently the renewal of the operating license for the Sky Garden is made problematic by the night spot’s unpaid taxes. Part of the application process for operating license renewal requires attaching proof that all past taxes have been paid.

In the current polemic between new and old owners, unpaid taxes, and expired operating permits the Sky Garden has been declared “half-closed” by Regency officials who have issued formal warning threatening total closure to the business. Translated into something more comprehensible, "half closed" mean one of the businesses two doors have been sealed.

The business has also been ordered to shut down all its videotron billboards that officials say violated local rules on outdoor advertising.

The Sky Garden operating license (Tanda Daftar Usaha Pariwisata – TDUP) expired on January 16, 2019.

Under its current limited operations, the north entrance to the club is open while the south entrance remains locked.  Local enforcement threaten that if they find both doors open they will take firm action. At the same time, Satpol officials warn their patience waiting for renewed licenses to put in place may soon come to an end.

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