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Junior High School Student May Have Leapt to His Death on Java-Bali Ferry
Mystery surrounds the death of a 15-year-old junior high school student traveling on the inter-island fairy from Ketapang in East Java to the Bali port of Gilimanuk.

Balipost.com reports that  eye witnesses saw the young boy, Firdan, possibly take his own life by jumping over the side the KMP Karya Maritim 3 as it sailed on the short ferry crossing after midnight on Saturday, April 28, 2018.

A student at SMP 16 in Malang, East Java, Firdan was traveling with a tour group when he chose to sit alone on the ship’s deck. When two friends called out to Firdan, he failed to acknowledge his friends and moved to an even more remote area of the ship’s deck away from other members of his group. Half way across the Straits and some 20 minutes after leaving Ketapang, the boy was said to appear nervous, looking left and right, before falling into the ocean. Firdan was seen to swim for a brief period before disappearing below the waves.

The ferry attempted for a period to search in the dark for the boy overboard without success.

A Search and Rescue Team was dispatched in the night to look for Firdan who on the following sunrise remained missing and feared dead.

Police now believe the young man may have committed suicide by drowning.

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