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Hard to Swallow: 17 Years in Prison

Tanzanian Man Get 17 Year for Smuggling Record 99 Capsules of Meth into Bali Concealed in His Intestines

A Tanzanian man, Abdul Rahman Asuman (43), who attempted to smuggle 99 capsules of methamphetamines concealed in his alimentary tract on January 30, 2019 as he arrived on Qatar Airways QR 962 from Doha-Denpasar has been sentenced to 17 years in prison in a trial held in Denpasar. 

Beritabali.com reported that the sentence of 17 years and a fine of Rp. 5 billion was two year less than that sought by State Prosecutors.

Upon hearing the Court’s sentence, Asuman said he accepted the court’s sentence and would not appeal the case. Prosecutors told the court they would consider over the coming 2 weeks whether or not to appeal and seek a stiffer sentence for the Tanzanian.

The 99 capsules the man carried in his gut weighed more than one kilogram – a record amount of narcotics smuggled into Indonesian in one person’s digestive system. Following x-ray examination at the BIMC in Kuta, the man was given laxatives that yielded 99 capsules with a total weight of 1,130.96 grams in methamphetamines.

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