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Healing a Dreadful Dependency

Melbourne Man Working as a Wedding Organizer in Bali is Being Tried for Possession of Narcotics

A Bali-based lawyer, Budi Sampurno, has made a unique plea on behalf a Melbourne-man undergoing trial for the illegal possession of 0.09 grams of methamphetamines. Sampurno, representing Australian Greg Egli, is reported by RadarBali.com as insisting that his client be treated in a similar manner to Democratic Party member Andi Arief who was arrested in a Jakarta hotel with a small quantity of sabu-sabu (methamphetamines).

The Bali lawyer is seeking that the same treated meted out to Andi Arief also be provided to his client. The high-profile politician, Andi, was held briefly by police and then released so he could follow a course of rehabilitation.

“My client, Greg, is no different from Andi Arief in Jakarta. He can be rehabilitated. He needs the same (treatment), because Greg is also sick,” explained Budi, following a court session in Denpasar on April 8, 2019.

According to press reports, Greg Egli showed little emotion during the hearing, oblivious to the local and Australian press covering the case. Egli, who runs a wedding organizer company in Bali, is charged with possessing 0.09 grams of methamphetamine confiscated by police at his rented residence in West Bali.

Police raided the residence based on information provided by the public. Egli reportedly told police he purchased the narcotics from a local man named Derry, paying for the drugs by bank transfer.

Supporting Egli’s self-depiction and mitigation defense as a dependent drug user and not a dealer, were the discovery of a “bong” and indications that he also self-injected the drug. Prosecutors said Egli would mix the methamphetamine with a sodium chloride solution and then inject the drug directly into a vein to provide a stronger effect.

Egli, a longtime resident of Bali, attended the trial without aid of an official translator.

Charged with illegal possession and consumption of a forbidden drug, Egli is charged under Section 112 paragraph 1 and Section 127 paragraph 1 of the National Narcotics Law.

The trial process continues in the Denpasar District Court.

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