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Higher Take-Home Pay for Bali Workers?

New Minimum Wage of Rp. 2.93 million for 2020 Recommended for Bali’s Badung Regency

The Wage Commission (Dewan Penguahan) for the Bali Regency of Badung has issued a decree setting a minimum wage level (UMK) of Rp. 2,930,082.64 for 2020 – an increase over the previous minimum wage by 8.51%.

The head of the Industrial and Manpower Service for Badung, Ida Bagus Oka Dirga, confirmed the new level on November 1, 2019, but emphasized  that the decision on the minimum wage was yet to be declared “final.”

As reported by Balipost.com, for the new minimum wage level to become “official” the decision must bear the signature of the Regent of Badung and be endorsed by the Governor of Bali. Dirga explained that the recommendation of the Wage Commission has been sent to the Regent and Governor for their review.

The Regent of Badung is expected to authorize the new minimum wage before November 21, 2019, and then send it to the Governor for his approval.

In formulating the minimum wage level, officials calculate the minimum needed for housing and the basic commodities to sustain life.

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