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In the Event of a Water Landing

Four Young Misbehaving Passengers on Semarang to Bali NAM Air Flight Returned to Base
Detik.com reports that a misbehaving passenger on a Bali-bound flight was ejected from a flight departing Semarang on Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

A spokesman for NAM Air – operated by the Sriwijaya Group, Agus Soedjono, confirmed the incident on a Semarang-Denpasar flight that was widely discussed in online social media.

Agus said that on the evening of May 9, 2018, an ATR aircraft carrying 70 passengers was lined up for take-off when the Captain made the decision to return to the terminal and off-load a group of four young passengers who posed both a nuisance and a threat to safety of the flight.

Four friends, suspected to be under the influence of alcohol, reportedly made a boisterous entrance to the aircraft trying to photograph various areas of the airplane, including entering the cockpit, despite being told this was not allowed.

During the pre-flight safety demonstration, a member of the four-man group donned a life vest that was stored beneath his seat and proceeded to inflate the device.

A clear violation of safety procedures, the Pilot of the aircraft elected to return to the apron area and eject the four unruly young passengers from the plane and remove their luggage from the aircraft.

Once handed over to security officials on the ground, the plane continued on its journey to Bali, departing 1 hour and 15 minutes behind schedule at 9:00 pm.

The NAM Airline spokesman said the airline would enforce safety rules and procedure without compromise on all its fights.

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