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Indonesian Results on Lion Air #610 Air Crash Investigation

WSJ: Indonesian Air Safety Auditors Blame Lion Air Boeing 737-Max Crash on Design Flaws, Pilot Error, and Inadequate Maintenance

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported that Indonesian Air Safety Investigators have laid the blame for the October 2018 crash of a Lion Air Boeing 737 Max jet on design flaws and oversight failures.

The crash of the jet into the Java Sea shortly after leaving Jakarta on October 29, 2018, killed 189 passengers and crew.

In addition to design flaws by Boeing, Indonesian air safety officials traced a string of pilot errors and maintenance shortfalls as contributing causes to the crash.

When approached by the Wall Street Journal, Boeing declined to comment on the Indonesian report except to say they continue to support all investigative agencies examining the incident.

The air crash and a similar subsequent accident involving the same aircraft type operated by Ethiopian Airlines has caused a grounding of the entire Boeing 737 MAX fleet resulting in record losses for Boeing and Airlines worldwide.

The WSJ says the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) is reported to be introducing a whole range of safety recommendations aimed at enhancing pilot skills and more exacting vetting of new aircraft designs.

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