Infanticide in Sanur

American Woman Held by Bali Police in Death of her 2-month-old Daughter

Police in Bali continue to try to unravel details regarding her time spent in Bali by a 32-year-old American woman, Nicole Joan Stasio, who is in police custody after apparently killing her 2-month-old-daughter, Arya Rose, and trying to take her own life late on Monday, November 19, 2018.

Police are interviewing the woman’s accommodation provider, friends and determine who was the biological father of her child.

In what was described as an emotional and confused state, the woman hired local transport to bring her and her infant from Bali to Bali’s airport, ostensibly to leave Bali. While passing through Sanur the driver notice the woman and the infant were no longer in the back seat, having leapt from the moving vehicle. Witnesses say the woman threw her child onto the busy road before later jumping from the vehicle.

Both the mother and the child were injured in the incident. The child suffered head injuries and died later in a local hospital. The woman incurred cuts and abrasions and was warded by police at a local hospital until such a time as she can communicate with investigators.

Meanwhile police are questioning a local driver and guide who were in the car that met the American at her accommodation at Jalan Pacekan No. 13 in Sayan, Ubud. The driver and guide said they had only met the woman when she summoned them to be taken to the airport.