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Invisible Bulgarians Hiding in Your ATM Booth

More Bulgarians Busted for ATM Fraud in Bali

Detik.com reports the list of Bulgarian tourists arrested for ATM card skimming has grown longer with the arrest of Metodi Angelov Nikolov and Yanko Naydenov Borisov on Friday, January 17, 2020.

The latest ATM skimming suspects likely to join the substantial Bulgarian prison population at Bali’s Kerobokan Prison used a new method to steal data from bank customers by installing a miniature camera to record card details and PIN numbers. According to the Cyber Crime Division of the Bali Police, the two men also installed a router on each targeted ATM machine to capture and forward the personal data they stole.

The two targeted ATM machines in the Canggu area of North Kuta the same location where they were taken under arrest by Bali police while removing and installing new gadgets to allow cash withdrawals using pirated personal data taken from foreigners using ATM machines in Bali. Apparently, local bank customers were not targeted by the criminal duo.

Bali police suspect Metodi Angelov Nikolov and Yanko Naydenov Borisov were part of a larger Bali nest of illegal skimmers who helped to install equipment, manage stolen data, and make unauthorized withdrawals from selected ATMs.

Police continue to investigate the case.

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