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It Must Have Been Something he Ate!

Kenyan Arriving in Bali Has 1.1 Kilogram of Narcotics Concealed in his Gut

Customs and Excise officers at Bali’s airport arrested a supposed 43-year-old Tanzanian man, Abdul Rahman Asuman, on suspicion of narcotics smuggling.

As reported by Denpos, Customs Officers became suspicious of the Black African who appeared pale and excessively nervous from the moment he disembarked Qatar Airways QR 1336 on Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

When asked about his nervousness, the "Tanzanian" told officials he had eaten too much on the flight and was felling unwell. Unsatisfied, officials sent the man for a gastro-intestinal x-ray.

What the x-ray revealed caused police to hold the man under medical supervision for several days until he vacated 1,130.96 grams of methamphetamines from his alimentary canal.

Under interrogation the man admitted he was actually from Kenya.

Customs and police officials are now preparing the case for trial with charges that could warrant prosecutors seeking the death penalty.