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Justice Sacrificed for Cash in Hand?

Australian Drunk Scott James Harrison Likely to Avoid Jail in Bali after Drunken Rampage in Bali.

The latest in the continuing series of Bali visitors acting badly while on holiday was reported by RadarBali with the arrest of a 44-year-old construction worker from Sydney, Australia – Scott James Harrison, taken into custody by police in Kuta after attacking three security guards at the Hotel Town Square Bali on Wednesday, October 30, 2019.

Media reports indicate Harrison returned to the hotel in a highly intoxicated state after an evening out. When the hotel refused the man additional drinks, he became outraged and attacked and injured three security guards: Christofianus Abukun (51); Juplianus Hanu (26), and Yeremias Hasu (37). 

Later, at 2:00 am, Harrison also evicted his wife from their room, claiming he felt threatened.

Worried that her husband was a danger to himself and others, she asked the hotel to summon the police.

Eventually able to subdue the man, hotel security guards brought him to Siloam Hospital where the Australian continued to assault those trying to assist him, compelling the hospital to administer a sedative after he reportedly tried to choke Hasu and tore the guard’s clothing.

Harrison appointed a local lawyer, Daniar Tri Sasonko, who negotiated a settlement to compensate the guards for medical bill and damage clothing.

Sasongko claims that with a “peace settlement” in hand with the victims, he hopes that matter is at an end and Harrison will be able to avoid criminal assault charges from the Kuta police that could have resulted in up to 2 years and 8 months in prison.

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