Keen on Mangosteens

Bali and East Java Mangosteens in High Demand for Export to Mainland China.

Bali’s delicious mangosteens – once described as the world’s best tasting fruit – is in high demand in China. This is demonstrated by the fact that Chinese fruit buyers are traveling to Bali to negotiate the purchase of mangosteens for export to the PRC.

As reported by Nusa Bali, one mangosteen farmer in Tabanan said he sends 10 tons of the fruit each day to China.

The mangosteen exporter, Jero Tesan, said exports have been assisted by the increased number of direct flight between Bali and China. Tesan said his main focus is on maintaining high quality in the mangosteens exported to Mainland China.

Tesan said mangosteen buyers are traveling directly to Bali to purchase the fruit grown on the Island and nearby East Java.

The surge in demand for mangosteens has improved employment in the agricultural sector. An estimated 100-200 workers are needed to wash and prepare 10 tons of mangosteens for export.

A kilogram of mangosteens normally sells for Rp. 25,000, Select mangosteens that have been sorted to ensure high quality for export sell for Rp. 35,000-Rp.40,000 per kilogram.

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