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Keeping the News Cycle Positive

Udayana Military Commander Calls on Media to ’Self-Censor’ and Avoid Controversial Reporting in Run-Up to IMF-World Bank Meeting
Beritadewata.com reports that Major General Benny Susianto, the Commander of the 9th Udayana Military District that includes the Island of Bali, has called on the print, broadcast and online media to avoid publishing provocative news.

Susianto said that potential unrest must be avoided as the world turns its attention to the October meeting of the International Monetary Fund – World Bank in Bali. Adding: “Bali is now under world scrutiny. The organizing committee for the IMF and World Bank are paying close attention to all information pertaining to Bali. They continually ask about Bali; about the latest situation in Bali. This needs (our) attention. Meanwhile, we have a public that likes provocative news that is negative and easy to remember. The media must be aware of this,” said Major General Susianto on Friday, April 14, 2018 at the Udayana Military Command in Bali.

The Military Commander said that on the eve of the IMF-World Bank Meeting in Bali is rushing to complete a number of major infrastructure projects, including the expansion of the apron area at Bali’s airport over reclaimed land. “The Media must support the development of the infrastructure. Don't let news from the media provide information that can impede the completion of infrastructure projects,” implored the Major General.

Continuing, the Udayana Military Commander reminded the media that the IMF and World Bank are closely observing the current election processes for Bali’s next Governor to be held on June 27, 2018. “The Governor’s race in Bali is critically important to the organizers from the IMF and World Bank. If the elections are marked by unrest, the (negative) effect will be large,” said Susianto.

Major General Susianto said that good news would have a positive effective on the preparations for the IMF-World Bank Conference.

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