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Two French Navy Ships on Five-Day Visit to Bali
Two French Navy warships stopped for a 5-day visit in Bali starting on Friday. April 27, 2018.

An amphibious assault ship the FS Dixmude L9015 called on Bali’s southernmost port of Benoa, while the La Fayette-class frigate FS Surcouf F711 called on Bali’s north at the Celukan Bawang Port.

Captain Jean Porcher of the FS Dixmude told that following the 5 day visit to Bali the two ships will set sail to Lombok to participate in the joint multi-national Komodo 2018 Exercise with the Indonesian Navy.

During the visit of the two French warships to Bali, the Denpasar Naval Base deployed one platoon to safeguard the dock and landing areas together with one combat boat and one Searaider-class vessel to enhance security around the Port of Benoa.

FS Dixmude L9015 is a Mistral class amphibious assault ship and helicopter carrier weighing 21,000 tons capable of carrying between 16 and 35 helicopters, an armed battalion, and 70 armored vehicles. The ship has a fully equipped hospital with two operating theatres, a dental clinic and 69 beds. The armory of the FS Dixmude L9015 includes Sinbad missiles, 22 mm caliber cannons, and a M2HB Browning 12.7 mm machine gun.

Meanwhile, the FS Surcouf F711 is a La Fayette-class frigate weighing 3,600 tons and is equipped with sophisticated electronic weaponry that include 8x Exocet MM40 Block II anti-ship missiles, a 100 mm TR automatic gun, two 20 mm F2 guns, and one Crotale CN2 launcher.

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