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Leave the Horizon as it is in Bali

Regent of Badung Regency Rejects Plans to Abolish 15-Meter Building Height Restriction in New Zoning Code

NusaBali reports that the Regent of Badung Regency in Bali, I Nyoman Giri Prasta, is rejecting moves to revise the provincial zoning law (RTRW DPRD Bali) prohibition on buildings of more than 15 meters in height anywhere in Bali.

Giri Prasta says part of the push for allowing buildings of more than 15 meters in height is a proclaimed need to allow the Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar to become a multi-storied structure. The Badung Regent said that if this is allowed, in time, all the other regencies in Bali would demand a hospital of equal height eventually causing a depletion of all funding resources.

Giri Prasta said the height of the Grand Bali Beach that clearly exceeds 15 meters was allowed because its construction preceded the creation of the Provincial Zoning Law. Any future change allowing a building higher than 15 meters, he said, should only be allowed on the sound basis of national need.

Despite the maximum height rule of 15-meters in Bali, a number of major hotels have managed to ignore zoning regulations governing height; set backs from seashores, ravines and rivers; and open space coefficients through manipulation of approved design plans and the collusion of venal officials. Moreover, projects are under construction at this time that blatantly violate zoning ruels. The current law stipulates that structures violating the law be demolished or modified and that officials issuing permits that do not conform to the RTRW be imprisoned for five years. Weak enforcement of zoning laws remains one of many developmental problems facing the Island of Bali.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Bali House of Representatives (DPRD-Bali), Adi Wiryatama, suggests changes to the zoning law to allow buildings exceeding 15-meters should be only be considered for public facilities, educational institutions, and office building.

The format of the RTRW-Bali allows for revisions and reformulations only once every five years.

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