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Lombok: Now A Major Tourism Player

AirAsia Formally Declares Their Support for Lombok as a New Air Hub with More Flights and A New Aircraft Livery.

AirAsia formalized Lombok as its fifth air hub in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Bali.

May 8th will be remembered as an important day in Lombok tourism – all made possible by AirAsia. On May 8th a new daily AirAsia service connecting Lombok and Kuala Lumpur commenced operations. It was also on this date that AirAsia formally declared Lombok as its fifth Indonesian air hub. A month from now, on June 9, 2019, AirAsia will launch its new four-times-a-week flight service connecting its new Lombok hub with Perth, Western Australia.

As reported by Kompas.com, the creation of multiple air hubs in Indonesia by AirAsia and its new air hub in Lombok, are in support of the Government of Indonesia’s to create Lombok as one of the “10 New Bali’s.”

Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, explained that he always uses the formula of the “three A’s” in developing a tourism destination, namely: Attractions, Access, and Amenities.”

“The choice of AirAsia to make Lombok into a regional hub was a good one because Lombok and the Mandalika Development in South Lombok have made Lombok one of the ’10 New Bali’s.’ The development of tourism numbers to Lombok is growing very quickly due to the supporting culture” added Yahya on May 2, 2019.

Meanwhile, the CEO of AirAsia Indonesia, Dendy Kurniawan, commented that the inauguration of Lombok as an air hub by his company not only signifies growing domestic and international connectivity, but also creates new employment for the people of Lombok by stimulating the tourism economy.

Dendy quoted data from the Ministry of Tourism, saying that AirAsia transported some 3.2 million foreign visitors to Indonesia or about 35% of all foreign tourists in 2018. The new Lombok hub for AirAsia, he said, underlines his airline’s commitment to support Indonesian tourism and its program of “10 new Bali’s.”

The Lombok launch was also used to showcase AirAsia’s new livery that promotes Lombok tourism. The new exterior design incorporates elements from Lombok including the Mount Rinjani Volcano and the waters surrounding the Gili Islands. Look for the new livery on the AirAsia Airbus A-320 aircraft bearing the PK-AXU registration on its fuselage that has been designated to serve the new Perth-Lombok route.